Set of 2 scents - Small

Set of 2 scents - Small

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Each one of Blue Sparrow Candle Co. candles is completely hand crafted using only the highest quality ingredients and a personal touch. Every candle is nicely wrapped and ready to be given as a gift!

Our signature scents are created in our lab from scratch, using only highest quality perfumery ingredients: natural essential oils, resins and aroma molecules. It's like your favorite perfume in a candle!


Milky Fig - this scent hides notes of sweet fig fruit, coconut and green fig leafs. As well as hints of santal, musk and cedarwood mixed with tonka bean. Not too sweet, fresh and lively scent to fill your spaces and create positive mood.

Peony Blossom - fresh peony blossoms at their finest, mixed with floral ylang ylang notes and sweet warm musk. There's also a hint of vanilla and rose water to top this energetic scent.


Two small tin candles, each - 4 oz./120 ml. candle burns clean for app. 25 hours.


All orders ship within 1-2 business days, unless stated otherwise.


Europe - 1-2 weeks
USA, Canada, Australia - 3-4 weeks.